Tailored electronics and control systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why tailored?
We believe that modern electronics can enable small teams to create revolutionary products. Although off-the-shelf modules are plenty available, in many cases we see that tailored modules offer just that extra functionality that makes the difference on performance, design or business case. Our tailored modules consist of many standard components to keep the price down, but we go tailored wherever necessary for specific demands. Every hardware unit can be delivered in shock-, dust- or waterproof enclosure.
Which hardware can be ordered?
On-board computers, micro controllers, motor controllers, actuators, sensors, cables, connectors, power supply, control panel, ... We can design the full layout, select the required off-the-shelf components and develop the tailored modules. Dot Robot also provides the embedded software that processes sensor-data and user-data, controls the motors, shows user-feedback, processes error occurrences, logs data, sends data to the cloud, ...
Which software can be ordered?
Our expertise lies with hardware, control systems and embedded software. Everything from the embedded software on the microprocessor to the user interface on your dataserver can be provided by Dot Robot.
Are products tested?
Dot Robot integrates all hardware in a test setup such that the hard- and software functionalities can be tested and demonstrated. After the functionality had been approved, the demonstrative setup is subjected to endurance tests and harsh conditions such as exposure to water and dust.
Which tests are possible?
The tests highly depend on the application. For a prototype we solely test on functionality, strength and safety. For operational and final products test such as IP-testing, EMC and vibrations can be included.
Where do these tests take place?
Most tests, including endurance, strength and safety tests take place in-house on this location. We also perform IP- and EMC-tests ourselves, only on designated locations, such as laboratories with the appropriate equipment.
Is the final product being certified?
Yes, all our final products will receive a CE marking and are tested according to the applicable NEN/ISO standards.
Why Dot Robot?
  • Tailored: Our electronics are designed towards best performance, smallest form factor or most secure operation.
  • Powerful control units: We have experience with power electronics ranging from low- to high power applications.
  • Fixed price: We work on a price-per-unit-basis. No hidden costs.

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