Tailored electronics and control systems.
  • interface hardware communication protocols interface hardware communication protocols
    Hardware interface
    The control system is interfaced with sensors and actuators through Modbus over RS485 and TCP/IP and serial communication.
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  • electronic loads electronic loads
    Finite State Machine
    The Finite State Machine reads pressures and salt concentrations and controls hydro-pumps and power conditioners accordingly.
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  • operator control interface operator control interface
    Operator control
    The operator can control and monitor the system through a user interface. All operational data is stored in a database and can be exported to .csv files.
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Battery Management System

Dot Robot developed the control software and the hardware interface for a new type of industrial battery. The battery uses water with different salt concentrations to store and generate electricity.

The software includes a server and operator segment. The server is equipped with a Finite State Machine (FSM), determining which operational mode is currently active. The server also interacts with sensors using a RS485-bus and controls, depending on the operational mode, several hydro-pumps and power conditioners. The operator segment is equipped with a user interface where the user can initialize, control and monitor the system and read and export data from the system.

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