Tailored electronics and control systems.
  • human machine interface human machine interface
    Integrated design
    Easy to assemble in the full product.
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  • human machine interface human machine interface
    Membrane Buttons
    Manufactured via printing technique, easy to adjust your design.
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  • gorilla glass gorilla glass
    Gorilla glass
    Wear and impact-resistant against car keys and hailstones.
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  • epoxy sealed epoxy sealed
    Epoxy resin sealed
    To protect the insides from water, dust and dirt.
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  • oled display oled display
    OLED display
    High contrast, readable in even the brightest daylight.
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    RFID tag
    Uniquely identify your users and enable sharing or renting business models and charging per minute.
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  • Human machine interface joystick Human machine interface joystick
    HMI right arm
  • Human machine interface left Human machine interface left
    HMI left arm

Human Machine Interface

For an electric mobility scooter, Dot Robot is the supplier of the Human Machine Interface units. The units include buttons, a joystick, an OLED screen and RFID identification.

Dot Robot also delivers the entire cable tree and corresponding plugs and ensures the HMI units are equipped with well-tested control software. All hardware is delivered in a shock-, dust- and waterproof variant and is being tested on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and all required NEN standards. The HMI units are delivered with a CE marking.

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