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  • Torque wrench Torque wrench
    Local controller
    A local controller from the torque wrench supplier takes care of the real-time torque control.
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  • Torque wrench embedded computer Torque wrench embedded computer
    Embedded computer
    An embedded computer from Dot Robot takes care of the non-real-time tasks such as communicating with the factory management system.
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Torque wrench computer

For a distributor of torque wrenches and assembly tools, Dot Robot develops and manufactures an embedded computer module for one series of electric torque wrench.

The embedded computer module adds an extra layer on top of the local controller, which takes care of the real-time torque control but is limited in performing complex tasks. The embedded computer is not real-time, but enables complex functionalities like scanning bar codes, loading jobs from the factory management system, reading feedback and measurement values from the local controller and eventually storing all data in a factory database.

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