Tailored electronics and control systems.

Our solutions are in-house
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Tailored electronics Control systems

Tailored electronics

What can Dot Robot do for you?

  • custom PCB design custom PCB design
    PCB design
    Many applications benefit from custom PCB design, whether it is to increase the performance or to fit into a small enclosure.
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  • hardware prototype hardware prototype
    Hardware prototyping
    Our specialists build the first few PCBs in-house. This guarantees rapid development cycles and good quality control.
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  • custom electronics testing custom electronics testing
    Hardware testing
    Our products are tested and checked on compliance with specifications and regulations.
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  • fully integrated electronic modules fully integrated electronic modules
    Fully integrated modules
    We develop fully integrated modules based on a combination of custom PCBs and off-the-shelf components. The enclosures can be supplied in various IP-grades and levels of shock-resistance.
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Tailored electronics

Dot Robot selects and builds the right hardware for your application. Parts that are available on the market or parts which require no special demands are bought off-the-shelf. Parts which have specific requirements are custom designed to fit their purpose. Every piece of hardware can be delivered in a shock-, dust- or waterproof enclosure.

We can supply on-board computers, micro controllers, motorcontrollers, actuators, sensors, cables, connectors, power supplies, control panels, ... Tell us what you need and we design the best path to a successful cooperation.

Control systems

What can Dot Robot do for you?

  • embedded software embedded software
    Embedded software
    We provide the software the runs on your microcontroller, including an efficient and stable control loop. We focus on security, safety and stability.
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  • cloud connection software cloud connection software
    Database in the cloud
    Our connectivity software ensures that your data is encrypted before it is send to a server and saved for further processing.
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  • custom cables custom cables
    Communication protocols
    We have communication libraries to handle data protocols like Modbus, CAN and TCP/IP.
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  • real-time monitoring software real-time monitoring software
    Desktop applications
    Real-time monitoring dashboards to give you insight into your data, or a user interface to change your setpoints and control gains.
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Control systems

Dot Robot can provide all software functionalities that are needed to control a machine or a vehicle: process sensor-data and user-data, control motors and actuators, show user-feedback, handle errors, log data, send data to the cloud, ...

Our expertise lies with hardware, control systems and embedded software. Everything from the embedded software on the microprocessor to the user interface on your dataserver can be provided by Dot Robot. Tell us what you need and we design the best path to a successful cooperation.

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Our electronics are designed towards best performance, smallest form factor or most secure operation.

Powerful control units

We have experience with power electronics ranging from low- to high power applications.

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